About the Plan

What is a General Plan?

The General Plan establishes the framework for decision-making regarding land use, housing transportation, infrastructure, resource conservation, parks and recreation, public safety, and equity. This framework includes a vision for Monterey Park supported by goals, policies, and implementation strategies.

Input from the community is essential to the development of the vision, goals, and policy statements. Using an intensive, inclusive, and creative community engagement process, the new General Plan will focus on achieving well-defined guiding principles for a wide range of topics. This General Plan program represents an opportunity for residents and the business community to share their ideas for the Monterey Park of tomorrow, both in terms of near-term actions and a long-term vision.

The City is updating the Land Use, Circulation, and Economic Development Elements to:

  • Engage residents, the business community, and other stakeholders in establishing a new Vision for Monterey Park, one that reflects local values, responds to regional influences and sets a course for the next 20 years

  • Facilitate the coordination and planning of development for the next 20 years

  • Attract investment and business to enhance the economic vitality of Monterey Park, improve the function and appearance of business districts, and contribute to a solid fiscal foundation

  • Improve the quality of life for residents, business owners, employees, and visitors through neighborhood enhancements and improvements to public spaces

  • Plan for future pedestrian, bicycling, and transit opportunities and coordinate multimodal street planning

General Plan Update Timeframe

The draft Land Use Element update is available for public review and comment; the City of Monterey Park anticipates it to be put to a community vote in March 2020. (Voter approval is required by City ordinance; parallel to the General Plan update, the City will be looking to eliminate the requirement for voter action for major land use proposals like a Land Use Element update.) Thus, Monterey Park 2040's most immediate charge will be to focus on land use policy.  The Circulation Element and the Economic Development Element will be updated Summer/Fall 2020.