The Monterey Park General Plan update is anticipated to be an 12-month process. Below is a summary of the overall General Plan schedule. A variety of community outreach and public engagement activities will be held throughout the process. Check back frequently and/or sign up for our email updates to stay up to date. 


# Phase Status
1 Existing Conditions and Opportunities  Completed
2 Public Engagement and Visioning In Process
3 Concept Land Use Alternatives In Process
4 Draft Land Use Element Spring - Summer 2019
5 Environmental Review Spring - Summer 2019
6 Land Use Element Public Hearings and Adoption Late Summer 2019
7 Community Vote (Ballot Measure) November 2019
8 Circulation and Economic Development Elements Fall 2019
9 Environmental Review10. Elements Public Hearings and Adoption Winter 2019
10 Elements Public Hearings and Adoption Spring 2020